Environmental Health

  1. Air Quality

    We inform Lake County residents on issues related to indoor and outdoor air quality.

  2. Boil Order Guidelines

    In an effort to prevent the potential spread of waterborne illness, the Lake County Health Department (LCHD) has established the following procedure to provide information and guidelines to commercial/residential users of water in cases of a precautionary or emergency boil water order.

  3. Environmental Health Fees Schedule

    The following permit fees for Food Service Facilities/Vending Machines, Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems, Water Wells, Property Alterations, Swimming Facilities and Water Analysis (Lab) Services are listed here.

  4. Environmental Laboratory

    We support the analytical needs of Population Health Services programs and the citizens of Lake County to promote health through the assurance of safe drinking water, proper treatment of wastewater and environmental protection.

  5. Food Safety

    The Health Department's Food Protection Program is responsible for permitting, regulating and inspecting over 3,000 food service facilities operating in Lake County.

  6. Insects & Other Vectors

    The Health Department works to minimize the potential for human disease, discomfort, injury, and annoyance by vectors as well as minimize the potential for illness and environmental pollution from the use of pesticides and related control measures.

  7. Inspections - Tanning Salons, Pools & Beaches

    Inspections may include water sampling, analysis and surveys of swimming facilities.

  8. Lakes Management Unit

    Many communities within Lake County are built around lakes and the composition of these communities depends on the quality of the water and the lake shore.

  9. Nuisance Control

    The Health Department’s goal is to minimize the potential for human disease, discomfort, injury and annoyance by nuisances as defined in the Lake County Public Nuisance Ordinance.

  10. Onsite Wastewater Treatment System

    We regulate treatment and dispersal of sewage from septic systems located on properties not served by a public sewer system.

  11. Permits

    You can now submit and pay for many permit applications online (i.e. Temporary Foodservice Application, Well and Septic Evaluation, Water Well Application, Soil Evaluation, etc.)

  12. Radon

    The Health Department encourages Lake County residents to check the radon levels of their homes or apartments.

  13. Solid Waste

    Through a delegation agreement with the Illinois EPA, the Lake County Health Department Solid Waste Program regulates the solid waste facilities that have a permit from the Illinois EPA Bureau of Land to operate in Lake County.

  14. Water Wells

    Staff inspect and monitor private, semi-private and irrigation wells along with non-community water systems to protect groundwater from contamination and assure safe drinking water for citizens of Lake County in both incorporated and unincorporated areas.

  15. Well & Septic Evaluations 

    The Health Department (LCHD) offers the service of performing well and septic evaluations at existing properties.