1. Get Your Property Assessment Questions Answered

    As blue property assessment notices are mailed, you may have questions about what goes into determining your property tax bill, property assessments, and how to file an appeal. Learn more, including where to get free, one-on-one assistance. Read on...
  2. July 2017 Flood by the Numbers

    Lake County was inundated by VERY heavy rain. Some communities received over seven inches of rain in a 24-hour period. The rain not only led to flash flooding but also resulted in flooding to our major rivers that prolonged flooding in several areas. View "Flood by the Numbers"
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Back-To-School Safety Tips

As students return to the classroom, let’s make sure they are safe this school year. This means keeping an eye on the road for school buses and students walking to school, as well as making sure students stay safe by using their technology in a responsible way. Watch this video as the Lake County Sheriff’s Office give you tips to make sure students stay safe.